Big Potato: Big Screen Games Pack 1
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    • PARTY GAMES ON YOUR TV: Round up the players, switch on the TV and try out three online party games together... on the big screen!
    • USE YOUR PHONE AS A CONTROLLER: Scan the code with your smartphone to join the fun. Once everyone’s in, pick a party game and you’re ready to go!
    • THREE FAMILY GAMES IN ONE: Round up cows in Herd Mentality, answer awkward questions in Can of Squirms and doodle your way to disaster in Scrawl.
    • SUPER-SIMPLE TO SET UP: We’ve tested our party game guide on adults and family, parents and grandparents. It only takes two minutes to get set up (but you’ll be playing for hours).
    • PLAY WHEREVER YOU LIKE: Our online party games can be played on the TV, on your laptop or over a video call. There’s no card, no board, no dice — no problem. If you're a fan of Pictionary Air and Jackbox Games, you'll love Big Screen Games.

    New - £17.00

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