Fallout: Out of the Vault - Scrappy Survivors Commander Deck

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    Set: Universes Beyond: Fallout: Out of the Vault Sealed
    Release Date: 2024-03-08
    It's S.P.E.C.I.A.L.! Put the fun in fission with sci-fi tech and characters from every Fallout® video game since 1997! Mutants, cryptids, raiders, and more await in this Wasteland tested, Vault-tec approved set.

    Featuring the goodest of boys, Dogmeat, as your commander, this deck focuses on scavenging for tools, Food tokens, and allies. It also introduces Junk tokens, which can be sacrificed to draw cards. If you enjoy tokens and suiting up your creatures with Auras and Equipment, then this is the deck for you.

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