PS4 1TB Pro - Preowned

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    Image may be different to actual console given. Comes with a 6 month limited warranty. 

    Delivery to Local ANGUS Area or Pick Up In store Only.



    1 PS4 Pro 1TB

    1 Controller

    Power Cable

    HDMI Cable

    Micro USB Charge Cable.



    Limited warranty: If a manufacturing fault occurs, we will aim to repair the item first. If we can't we will offer a refund or swap at a percentage of the value, depending on purchase date.


    Within 1 Month: 100%

    Within 2 Months: 80%

    Within 3 Months: 60%

    Within 4 Months: 50%

    Within 5 Months: 40%

    Within 6 Months: 30%

    Receipt required at all times.


    - £220.00

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